All Your 360-Degree Feedback Needs Can Be Satisfied By our system.

Identify Training Needs

Assess an employee's skill and personality gaps as perceived by others

Recognize High-Potential employees

Find high-potential employees with exceptional intelligence, agility, and leadership abilities.

Improve performance appraisals

Before you begin the performance review process, 360-degree feedback ensures you have a complete picture of each employee.

Planning for succession

Use 360-degree feedback to determine the level of organizational competency, identify potential successors, and plan succession.


Discover the impact of insightful feedback with a sample report that showcases the exceptional quality of our 360-degree feedback assessments.

Download it today and unlock your team's full potential.

  • Comprehensive

    Our 360-degree feedback reports include feedback from all angles, giving you a complete picture of how you are perceived.

  • Easy to understand

    The reports are written clearly and concisely, making them easy to read and understand.

  • Actionable

    The reports provide specific recommendations for improving your performance.

  • Valuable tool for improvement

    360-degree feedback is valuable for identifying your strengths and weaknesses and developing a plan for improvement.

Download a free sample 360-degree feedback report today and see how it can help you improve your performance.

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First Glance, Dive into Our Rich Custom Reporting Options

Harvest Actionable Wisdom, More Than Just Data

  • Your Power Zones, Key Strengths Unveiled

  • Scope for Elevation. Where to Focus for Growth

  • The Quiet Powers, Unseen Strengths Awaiting Discovery

  • Oversight Areas, Uncovering Your Blind Spots

Maximize your team's performance with 360 degree feedback.
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  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Performance Review
  • Goal Setting

No matter how many users you have, our tool simplifies performance evaluations and drives employee growth.

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  • Employee Leave Tracker
  • Attendance
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Timesheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Overtime and profitability
  • OKR
  • 1 on 1 Meetings
  • Employee data analytics
  • Performance Review
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey
  • Awards
  • Kudos
  • Anytime Feedback

First Glance, Dive into Our Rich Custom Reporting Options

Secure Rich, Contextual Understanding of the Individual Through Open-Ended Assessments

  • Broad Input

    Gather open-ended feedback from managers, peers, direct reports, and external clients.

  • Meaningful Praise

    Review genuine anecdotes of your accomplishments, contributions, and positive qualities through colleagues' eyes.

  • Constructive Criticism

    Candid input on improving management style, communication, teamwork, and other competencies provides enlightening takeaways.


Our 360 feedback software includes a spider chart that visually compares self-ratings to feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports for each competency.

The spider chart provides:

  • Graphical Representation

    Competency scores from each source are plotted on axes for an at-a-glance view.

  • Gap Identification

    Discrepancies between self-perceptions and feedback are easily revealed.

  • Blindspot Detection

    Outliers expose overlooked strengths and weaknesses.

  • Visual Analysis

    Quickly spot patterns and opportunities for improvement. With gaps and blindspots visually highlighted, our radar chart empowers more focused development.

Try out this powerful feature by enrolling in a free 60-day trial. Let the radar chart provide the visibility to refine skills and maximize strengths.


SnowHR's ease of use doesn't come at the expense of functionality – it's both intuitive and incredibly capable.
The answer to each of the questions below is yes!

  • Managerial Autonomy Concern

    We want our managers to take the initiative to foster timely evaluations. Does your software enable them to initiate a 360-degree feedback project for their direct reports to assess their performance actively?

  • Employee Self-Assessment Need

    We believe in empowering our employees for personal development. Can they independently launch a 360-degree feedback session for their own self-improvement using your platform?

  • Diverse Workforce Challenge

    Our organization spans multiple countries and must cater to various languages. Given our international user base, can your tool support feedback forms in multiple languages?

  • Consistency in Feedback Process

    We want regular insights into our employee performance without manual intervention each time. Is there a feature to automate the initiation of periodic 360-degree feedback projects?

  • Feedback Efficacy Concern

    It's essential for us to understand the value and impact of our feedback processes. Can I design an impact survey within the software to gauge the effectiveness of the 360-degree feedback process for recipients?

  • Branding Consistency Concern

    Is it possible to customize and brand our 360-degree feedback questionnaire?

  • Timeliness Issue

    We've had challenges getting timely responses in the past. Does your system dispatch automatic reminders to ensure timely completion by the feedback providers?

  • Privacy Worries

    We want to ensure our employees that their feedback remains confidential. Does the tool guarantee complete anonymity for the 360-degree feedback surveys?

  • Employee Autonomy

    We'd like our employees to have a say in who reviews them. Can feedback seekers be given the ability to nominate their feedback providers?

  • Management Oversight

    For certain roles, we want managers to have control over reviewers. Can managers nominate feedback providers on behalf of the feedback seekers?

  • Response Accuracy Concern

    We've had instances where feedback contained errors or inappropriate language. Can individual responses be edited for corrections, such as fixing typos or moderating language?

  • Data Integration Issue

    Our analytics team prefers working with Excel for deeper analysis. Can I export the gathered 360-degree feedback data to an Excel format?

  • Frequency of Feedback

    We believe in continuous feedback for growth. Does the software allow for the creation of multiple 360-degree feedback initiatives annually?

Uncover Development Gaps at All Levels

Our 360 feedback dashboard makes it easy to analyze development needs organization-wide:

Centralized Insights

Aggregated results from all employees are presented in one intuitive dashboard.

Flexible Filtering

Filter feedback data by criteria like role, level, team, or manager to uncover patterns.

Gap Analysis

Quickly identify shared development areas and strengths for targeted groups.

Track Initiatives

Monitor employee development programs over time using real-time analytics.

Impact Measurement

Connect development outcomes to business metrics like retention to prove ROI.

Powerful Visualizations

Data visualization spotlights trends in an engaging way.

Get a bird's eye view of organizational development status. Drill into the data to reveal development gaps across segments. Leverage these insights to implement targeted, impactful initiatives.

We offer an easy-to-use 360 degree feedback software that allows you to customize everything according to your organization's needs.

Streamline Your 360 Degree Feedback Process With Our Intuitive Software. Get Accurate And Actionable Insights To Help Your Team Grow And Succeed

Achieve higher completion rates and better results with our simple yet powerful 360-degree feedback solution.

Zero Complications, 100% Efficiency

Navigate through our platform effortlessly, and set up your surveys in no time. Efficiency and simplicity are our core principles.

Discover the Unseen with Actionable Reports

Our reports provide more than just data; they offer actionable insights to identify Hidden Strengths and Blind Spots.

Your Platform, Your Rules

Experience the freedom of full customization in a platform that’s easy to set up, empowering your team to work their way.

Designed for Success, Built for Completion

Our user-friendly platform naturally leads to higher engagement, which in turn, ensures exceptional completion rates.

In 360 Degree Feedback
, the following are assessed:

  • A 360-degree feedback software evaluates competencies and behavioral traits necessary for performance
  • In 360 degree feedback survey, employees are given feedback on how others perceive them.
  • 360-degree feedback measures listening skills, goal-setting, and planning
  • A 360 evaluation focuses on areas such as leadership abilities, teamwork skills, and communication skills

In 360 Degree Feedback
, the following are not assessed:

  • 360-degree feedback software is not a tool for measuring employee performance objectives (MBOs)
  • 360 feedback does not determine if an employee is meeting basic job requirements
  • A 360-degree feedback process does not focus on job-specific or technical skills
  • 360 feedback does not measure objective things like billable hours, sales targets, etc.

Personalized Communication That Resonates

Customize email templates with your branding to deliver 360 feedback surveys. Craft targeted messages that motivate employees to provide meaningful insights.

Provide Feedback From Anywhere

With our mobile-optimized survey interface, employees can complete 360 assessments on the go from any device. Clean, intuitive design makes the process simple whether on desktop or mobile.

Never Lose Valuable Input

Our 360 feedback software autosaves survey progress in real-time. Employees can provide input bit-by-bit on their own time, without worrying about losing work.

Hassle-Free Follow-Ups

Automated reminders ensure your 360 review surveys are completed on time. Just set the cadence of reminders right within the platform. No more manual nudging needed.

Tailor the Process to Your Needs

Customize 360 survey questions to align the feedback process with your organization's unique goals and competencies. Get the precise insights you need.

Collect Global Perspectives

With our multi-language support, employees across the world can provide feedback in their native language. Gain a diverse global perspective.

Transform Insights into Action

Our 360 analytics spotlight development opportunities at the individual and organizational level. Detailed reports turn feedback into clear ways to improve.

Enable Anonymous Peer Input

Employees can rate managers and peers anonymously, enabling 360 degree insight. Well-rounded feedback helps everyone grow.

We're Here to Help

Our team provides end-to-end guidance to ensure seamless 360 feedback implementation and address any needs that arise.

You Can Trust Us

Employee feedback is kept completely secure and confidential. We take data privacy very seriously. You have our word.

Want to learn more about our 360 degree feedback software?

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How does a 360 Degree Feedback survey work?

The process of conducting a 360 degree feedback survey is straightforward, beginning with creating a questionnaire and culminating in the presentation of results and subsequent discussion of an action plan for capitalizing on strengths and addressing weaknesses or blind spots with the employee being evaluated.

The 360 degree feedback survey process involves the following steps:

  • 1. Develop an employee 360 degree feedback survey questionnaire.

    This questionnaire measures different aspects of a person's behavior and interactions, including communication, teamwork, leadership, initiative, and judgment on a 5-point Likert scale. Employees can also provide additional feedback via open-ended questions.

  • 2. Ensure that feedback providers' identities are kept confidential.

    If you want to collect the most accurate and candid feedback from your feedback providers, you must protect their confidentiality. Even though the survey isn't meant as a personal attack, constructive criticism can lead to uncomfortable conversations in the office.
    Consider summarising responses to feedback to ensure that feedback providers' identities are protected, and nobody is singled out. This can preserve the anonymity of participants whose answers stand out while ensuring genuine results.

  • 3. Conduct orientations and training before the 360-degree feedback survey is sent out.

    As part of the feedback process, employees must receive training on applying the results to their professional development. Therefore, it is essential to provide employees with training on 360-degree feedback surveys so they can ask questions and learn about them. It is vital for them to have this understanding so that they can answer the questions honestly and openly.

  • 4. Distribute the surveys to the employees.

    Make sure to include detailed instructions with the survey so that everyone who receives it understands their role and how they can best contribute.

  • 5. Perform data analysis

    It may be easier for you to analyze your data by department or team. It makes it easy to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, which can then be used for training and development.

  • 6. Create, review, and distribute results

    Once the analysis is done, hold a review meeting where employees and managers can discuss the results and set goals.

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Improve your communication and collaboration with 360 degree feedback.
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  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Performance Review
  • Goal Setting

No matter how many users you have, our tool simplifies performance evaluations and drives employee growth.

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  • Employee Leave Tracker
  • Attendance
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Timesheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Overtime and profitability
  • OKR
  • 1 on 1 Meetings
  • Employee data analytics
  • Performance Review
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey
  • Awards
  • Kudos
  • Anytime Feedback