Having regular eNPS surveys will prevent you from wondering whether your employees are satisfied.

Have you ever wondered what your employees feel about their work and the company they work for? Using eNPS survey software, you can find out how satisfied your employees are with their work. Send surveys and receive feedback more efficiently. Reports allow you to spot trends, define benchmarks, and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.


Dashboards rule! Reports with actionable information should be distributed automatically.

Automating eNPS reports and dashboards ensures the proper information is delivered at the right time to the right people. Say goodbye to late-night stress with our user-friendly dashboards.

Gain a deeper understanding of employee satisfaction
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  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey

Analyze eNPS survey results to gain actionable knowledge.

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  • Employee Leave Tracker
  • Attendance
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Timesheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Overtime and profitability
  • OKR
  • 1 on 1 Meetings
  • Employee data analytics
  • Performance Review
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey
  • Awards
  • Kudos
  • Anytime Feedback
Use machine learning and AI

Respond to feedback and analyze it

Human expertise combined with machine learning can be used to analyze and process textual feedback. Analyze employee satisfaction quickly to see what needs to be done to improve it.

Identify important feedback

Determine the overall sentiment of feedback and comments from employees through analysis of their written responses.

By using AI to analyze sentiments, you can determine whether the culture of your company is positive or negative. SnowHR's eNPS Survey Software tool helps identify employee needs to motivate, retain, and grow employees.

Close the loop on employee feedback

Set up action plans, stop employees from leaving, and get them to speak up for you.

With snowHR's eNPS Survey Software, the HR team will know immediately about any feedback so they can take quick action.

  • Promote retention and improve morale by addressing the needs of detractors.

    Ask your detractors more questions for clarification right away. Reduce employee turnover by demonstrating empathy and concern, then taking appropriate action.

  • Seek recommendations from passives

    To know how to better the company culture, you should consult with Passives. Invest in improving employees' experiences, keep in touch with them, and make them promoters.

  • Ensure that promoters are brand ambassadors

    Request ratings, recommendations, and testimonials from your promoters and thank them for their time.

Eliminate gaps in the EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK CYCLE

Identify meaningful sentiments from employee comments and textual feedback

  • Make the eNPS survey available on various channels

    Utilize email, web widgets, online, and APIs to reach your employees.

  • Keep an eye on the eNPS score.

    Take advantage of our tool to find the eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score.

  • Utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence

    Sentiments and topics are identified in employee comments and responses through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm.

  • Alerts are sent in real-time to the team.

    Monitor Net Promoter Score and other custom parameters in real time to keep the team informed.

  • Email respondents automatically

    Using NPS answers as a basis for employee engagement, create automated notifications.

  • Live monitoring of eNPS surveys.

    Using an automated scoring system, we categorize Detractors, Passives, and Promoters in real time.

  • Obtain detailed reports of your eNPS survey.

    With our eNPS survey software, you can generate eNPS meter reports, trends reports, and segments-based eNPS reports.

  • A plan of action will help you close the loop.

    Measuring eNPS is one thing, but you must also take steps to keep disgruntled employees (detractors) from leaving. Be proactive and close the feedback loop by assigning tasks to your team.

  • APIs can be used to connect to external tools.

    APIs are provided to retrieve eNPS survey results in real-time and export the results to other systems.

  • ENPS surveys are easily customizable.

    Customize your eNPS Surveys by incorporating logos, branding, and additional questions.

  • Include a follow-up question

    You should also include an additional question to determine why your respondents scored the way they did in your eNPS survey.

  • Enhance the intelligence of your eNPS surveys

    In your eNPS surveys, use Survey Logic to display different questions based on employee responses.


Use  Summaries, Reports, and alerts to keep your team in the loop.

With our enPS Survey software, you can instantly notify your team when feedback is received, allowing for quick action.

  • Alerts and notifications are sent instantly

    Slack, email, and other instant messaging options can be used to alert the HR team.

  • Configure summary reports for daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.

    A weekly, monthly, or daily summary of all Net Promoter Scores and NPS responses is provided.

  • Reports can be saved and scheduled.

    eNPS Survey Reports can be saved for quick access. Reports can be sent directly to your inbox at predetermined intervals.

Step 1: Build Your Survey

Our eNPS survey software allows you to survey employees quickly, securely, and effectively.

You can quickly assess the morale of your staff with our in-depth eNPS survey software and zero in on the areas with the most significant potential to improve employee morale, retention, and output. Hiring HR pros or paying for expensive implementation services is unnecessary.

Your eNPS survey can be customized.

  • As part of eNPS surveys, employees are asked: Would you recommend this company/organization to others?

  • Upload your company's logo to brand the survey

  • More than 100 languages are supported.

eNPS survey could be used to ask an open-ended question.

  • You can get a more detailed response from your employees by asking a follow-up open-ended question.

  • You can uncover information about employee satisfaction based on textual feedback. You can examine employee benefits, manager performance, and company rules and regulations based on textual feedback.

Be sure to thank eNPS respondents and remind them that the survey is anonymous.

  • Thank your employees for their invaluable feedback, and let them know just how meaningful their participation is to the success of your business.

  • Tell employees that the eNPS survey is anonymous and that their privacy is protected.

Step 2: Publish the survey

Reach out to employees through multiple channels

  • Use email, Slack, or website widgets to send surveys.

  • Include a link in the email to make filling out the eNPS survey easy. The survey can be completed from a mobile device without requiring employees to log in.

  • We support more than 100 languages in our questions.

Recurring eNPS surveys are a good idea.

  • Automation allows you to send employee surveys on a recurring basis and track responses without having to send them manually.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your team's sentiment with regular eNPS surveys. Whether you choose to do them quarterly, every six months, or annually, you'll be able to track and measure employee happiness."

Step 3: Powerful reporting helps address employee issues proactively

Keep an eye on the user-friendly Dashboard report as real-time, anonymous employee feedback comes in.

  • Transform your feedback into a perfectly crafted masterpiece by slicing and dicing it according to manager, location, tags, keywords, time frames, and scores

  • Over Time and Snapshot reports provide charts that can be used in meetings involving top managers. These charts will be redacted to protect employee privacy.

  • With a pivot table report, you can rank your employees by how happy they are based on keywords, trends, and score analysis. Doing so will help you zero in on the exact areas where you can improve so that your scores improve over time.

Step 4: Utilize eNPS insights for action

Employees can share genuine feedback securely through eNPS surveys. When employee feedback is sorted through and used, it builds a strong foundation that leads to happier and more engaged employees, which in turn leads to a better employee experience and higher productivity. "Just like a house, everything begins with a solid foundation!"

Get your managers involved

  • With eNPS surveys, employees can give feedback anonymously without fear of being scrutinized by supervisors or peers. But it's also important to share the survey results with managers to improve their performance and how employees feel about their jobs daily.

Monitor the score as you make changes

  • eNPS surveys are like a pulse on the employee experience, helping you track trends in satisfaction and gauge the impact of business changes on team sentiment over time. It's a continuous improvement tool that keeps you in the know about how your team is feeling. Take advantage of the insightful and candid comments provided by the textual feedback to make sure that future evolutions are smooth.

Elevating performance through ongoing advancement

  • Even the most exceptional employer must gather employee experience insights to improve and evolve continuously.eNPS surveys are a powerful tool for HR teams, allowing them to stay on top of employee needs and preferences – whether it's benefits enrollment or overall sentiment. Collecting employee feedback regularly ensures that your HR team is prepared to respond to employee concerns and keep your team members happy."

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Gain a deeper understanding of employee satisfaction
$1 per user per month

  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey

Analyze eNPS survey results to gain actionable knowledge.