The Everyone-Friendly Performance Management Software

Our performance management software can be tailored to suit any review frequency or style, be it annual, quarterly, or real-time feedback loops.

Regular Talent Development and Coaching Talks

Empower your workforce to excel with a performance management strategy centered on sustainable personal and professional growth.

User-friendly interface for seamless Performance management operation.

Streamline performance reviews with an intuitive, user-friendly performance management platform. Free up your time to focus on what matters most: coaching and encouraging your team.

Agile Performance Management

Seamlessly Adapt to Your Company's Evolving Needs.

Here are some examples of review methods our customers are using. Whether your performance review process is simple, complex or completely unique, we support it.

Just $1 per user per month

  • Performance Review
  • Competency, KPA/KPI and What/How
  • 9 Box Grid
  • Review Calibration
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting

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  • Performance Review
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey
  • Awards
  • Kudos
  • Anytime Feedback
  • OKR
  • 1 on 1 Meetings
  • Employee data analytics
  • Timesheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Overtime and profitability
  • Employee Leave Tracker
  • Attendance
  • Onboarding and Offboarding


Revolutionize the way you conduct performance reviews with our cutting-edge software. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to a simplified, efficient process.

  • Automated Review Cycles

    Set up review schedules effortlessly, ensuring timely and consistent evaluations.

  • 360-Degree Feedback

    Gather insights from managers, peers, and direct reports to view performance comprehensively.

  • Customizable Templates

    Tailor review forms to match your company's unique evaluation criteria.

  • Multi-lingual

    Conduct performance reviews and assessments seamlessly in multiple languages to accommodate a diverse and global workforce.

  • Goal Tracking

    Monitor employee progress toward their goals and align objectives with overall company targets.

  • Real-Time Feedback

    Encourage continuous improvement with instant feedback and updates.

  • Data Analytics

    Access comprehensive performance data to identify trends and areas for growth.

  • Automated Reminders

    Stay on track with automatic reminders that ensure performance reviews are completed on time.

  • Security

    Rest easy knowing your sensitive performance data is secure with robust encryption.

  • Employee Self-Service

    Empower employees to take control of their development by accessing their performance history and setting goals.


SnowHR powers effective review calibrations through:

  • Consistent Assessments

    Standardized criteria ensure fair and balanced reviews.
    Eliminate biases with our built-in calibration tools.

  • Collaborative Calibration Sessions

    Engage multiple stakeholders in real-time calibration discussions.
    Centralized platform for remote or in-person calibration meetings.

  • Data-Driven Decisions

    Utilize analytics to guide and validate calibration decisions.
    Visual dashboards for quick insights on performance distributions.

  • Intuitive Workflow

    Streamlined process from initial assessment to final calibration.
    Automated reminders and checkpoints to keep calibration on track.

Elevate the accuracy and fairness of your performance assessments with SnowHR. Ensure consistent and unbiased evaluations every time.


Elevate your team's aspirations with purposeful goal-setting. Dive into SnowHR's cutting-edge features designed to map out achievement pathways.

  • Dynamic Goal Creation

    Tailor-made Templates: Customizable templates for different roles and projects, ensuring goals are relevant and aligned.
    SMART Goal Framework: Utilize the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) framework for clarity and achievability.

  • Progress Tracking

    Real-time Analytics: Gain valuable insights into goal achievements with real-time analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making.
    Visual Dashboards: At-a-glance progress checks through visually appealing dashboards, providing a comprehensive overview of individual and team performance.

  • Collaborative Milestones

    Team-based Objectives: Foster collaboration by setting shared goals encouraging teamwork and collective achievement.
    Comment and Feedback Tools: Enable seamless collaboration and refinement through comment and feedback tools, promoting continuous improvement.

  • Alignment with Organizational Objectives

    Link to Company Targets: Connect individual goals to overarching company objectives, ensuring alignment and driving organizational success.
    Cascading Goal Structures: Cascade goals throughout departments to ensure alignment at all levels of the organization.

  • Flexible Adjustments

    Adapting to Business Priorities: Easily adjust goals in response to shifting business priorities, ensuring goals remain relevant.
    Easy Edit Options: Archive, modify, or replace goals effortlessly with user-friendly editing features.

  • Automated Reminders

    Stay on Track: Receive automated reminders for pending milestones, helping individuals stay focused and meet deadlines.
    Celebrate Achievements: Congratulatory notifications for goal achievements, fostering a culture of recognition and motivation.

With snowHR, turn aspirations into actions. Drive employee performance and company growth through precise and collaborative goal setting.


Anytime feedback is a powerful tool that enables organizations to foster a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and growth. SnowHR provides a seamless platform for delivering and receiving feedback at any time. Explore the key features below:

  • Instant Feedback Exchange

    Timely and Constructive Feedback: Facilitate real-time feedback exchanges between employees, managers, and teams.
    Encourage Continuous Improvement: Empower individuals to make immediate adjustments and enhance performance.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Easy Feedback Submission: Provide a user-friendly interface for employees to share their feedback effortlessly.
    Accessible Anywhere, Anytime: Enable feedback submission from various devices and locations, promoting convenience and accessibility.

  • Multi-Dimensional Feedback

    360-Degree Feedback: Gather feedback from multiple sources, including peers, managers, and subordinates.
    Diverse Perspectives: Capture a comprehensive view of an individual's strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Feedback Tracking and Analytics

    Performance Insights: Track and analyze feedback trends to identify patterns and areas of growth.
    Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage feedback analytics to make informed decisions and drive organizational improvement.

With SnowHR, empower a culture of continuous improvement. Embrace the power of real-time insights and foster a more agile, responsive work environment.


Take your 1:1 meetings to the next level with SnowHR. Experience a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your one-on-one meetings.

  • Seamless Scheduling

    Effortlessly plan and schedule 1:1 meetings with a user-friendly interface.

  • Agenda Collaboration

    Collaborate on meeting agendas, ensuring focused and productive discussions.

  • Automated Reminders

    Never miss a meeting with automatic notifications and reminders.

  • Detailed Notes

    Capture and organize discussion points, action items, and key takeaways.

  • Goal Tracking

    Align individual and team goals to drive progress and accountability.

  • Data-Driven Insights

    Access historical data and performance metrics for informed discussions.

  • Privacy Assurance

    Maintain confidentiality with role-based access and robust security features.

  • Feedback Integration

    Seamlessly integrate feedback from colleagues and performance evaluations.

  • Progress Monitoring

    Track goal achievements and development plans over time.

  • Customizable Templates

    Tailor templates to match your unique 1:1 meeting structure.

With SnowHR, empower a culture of continuous improvement. Embrace the power of real-time insights and foster a more agile, responsive work environment.


SnowHR's Recognition Software is your key to fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation within your organization. Discover how our comprehensive platform empowers you to recognize and reward your team's outstanding efforts.

  • Kudos Program

    Encourage instant peer-to-peer recognition with the Kudos feature. Celebrate achievements and contributions in real-time.

  • Awards Program

    Recognize milestones and accomplishments through customizable awards and badges.

  • Rewards Program

    Incentivize excellence with a rewards system that offers employees tangible incentives for their hard work.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Navigate our intuitive platform easily, making recognition seamless.

  • Customizable Recognition

    Tailor recognition programs to align with your company's unique values and culture.

  • Nomination System

    Enable employees to nominate their colleagues for exceptional contributions.

  • Recognition Analytics

    Gain insights into recognition trends and patterns to inform HR strategy.

  • Integration Capability

    Seamlessly integrate SnowHR's Recognition Software with your existing HR systems.

  • Privacy Controls

    Maintain confidentiality while recognizing and rewarding employees.

  • Scalability

    Grow confidently, knowing our software can accommodate your expanding workforce.

SnowHR's Recognition Software empowers your organization to inspire and motivate employees like never before. Encourage a workforce that feels valued, engaged, and motivated to excel.


SnowHR's Engagement Survey Software is your tool for understanding, improving, and optimizing employee engagement within your organization. Explore how our advanced platform empowers you to quickly create, deploy, and analyze surveys.

  • Customizable Surveys

    Craft engagement surveys tailored to your organization's unique needs and objectives.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Choose from various survey distribution methods, including email, web, and mobile, for maximum participation.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    Access instant insights with real-time survey analytics and dashboards.

  • Action plans

    Based on survey feedback, making it easier to address specific areas of improvement.

  • Task Assignment

    Assign responsibilities for action items and track their progress, ensuring accountability.

  • Integration with Goals

    Seamlessly align action plans with individual and team goals for a coordinated approach to improvement.

  • Progress Tracking

    Monitor the implementation of action plans and measure the impact on engagement levels over time.

  • Anonymous Feedback Channels

    Enable employees to engage in open, honest, and anonymous conversations to address sensitive topics.

  • Whistleblower Protection

    Ensure employees feel safe to report concerns without fearing retaliation.

  • Moderation and Privacy

    Administer and moderate anonymous conversations to maintain a respectful and supportive environment.

  • Employee Empowerment

    Give your employees a voice in shaping the workplace and organizational culture.

  • Customizable Question Types

    Create surveys with various question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, and Likert scale.

  • Survey Templates

    Utilize pre-designed survey templates or create your own for quick deployment.

  • Engagement Pulse Checks

    Conduct frequent pulse surveys to stay attuned to employee sentiment.

  • Engagement Heatmaps

    Visualize engagement data with heatmaps, making trends and areas for improvement clear.

  • Compliance and Security

    Ensure data privacy and security with robust encryption and compliance features.

A performance management platform tailored for every layer of your organization.


Empower your staff to speak up. Eliminate stress from performance reviews with a performance management software founded on honesty and transparency.


Empower managers to coach their reports throughout the year, so come review time, they feel confident and ready to grow.


Analyze company-wide performance, pinpoint areas that need attention, and implement solutions.

All-access Performance Management Software for just $2 per user per month

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Engagement Surveys

Employee Data & Analytics

Document Repository

Onboarding & Offboarding

Expense Reimbursements

Shift Management

Travel Management

FAQ On Performance Management Software

What is performance management software?

Performance management software is a technology solution designed to help organizations track, measure, and evaluate the performance of employees. The software can include various functionalities depending on its design and purpose. Human resources departments often use it to ensure that performance reviews are conducted fairly and effectively. It can also serve as a tool for employees and managers to set and track goals, give and receive feedback, and plan for career development.

What is continuous performance management?

Continuous performance management is a modern approach to appraising and developing employees, emphasizing regular interaction between managers and employees. The goal is to provide timely feedback, set, track, and review performance goals, and encourage professional development to create a more effective performance management system.

How does performance management software work?

Performance management software provides a centralized platform for managers and employees to track goals, provide feedback, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Managers use the software to set goals for their employees, track their progress, and provide real-time feedback. Employees use the software to view their goals, track their progress, and request feedback from their managers.

The software also provides insights into employee performance, such as progress toward goals, feedback trends, and areas for improvement. Managers can use this information to develop their employees and improve team performance.

What factors should be considered when choosing a performance management system?

When choosing performance management software, it is important to consider the features, ease of use, integration, scalability, and cost.

  • Features The software should have important features such as goal setting, performance tracking, feedback, and performance reviews.
  • Ease of use The software should be easy for managers and employees. Consider the user interface, navigation, and overall user experience.
  • Integration The software should integrate with your existing HR systems to streamline the performance management process and make it easier to manage employee data.
  • Scalability The software should scale with your business as it grows. Choose a solution that can accommodate a growing number of employees and departments.
  • Cost Performance management software can vary in price. Consider your budget and choose a solution that is affordable for your business.

Can the performance management software be customized?

SnowHR's performance management software offers adaptable functionalities that align with your business needs. The system can be customized to reflect your brand identity, and its performance management protocols can be modified to achieve your employee performance objectives.

Does SnowHR provide training on how to use its performance management system?

We're committed to ensuring that each client fully leverages the capabilities of our performance management software. A skilled implementation engineer guides every manager through onboarding, while our Customer Success Managers offer continual support.

SnowHR is designed to elevate employee performance, and we stand by you through every phase of your journey.

Is the cost of Performance management software really $50 for unlimited users?

Yes, you can select one or more of the following $50 flat-price unlimited packages. Each of the packages allows you to have unlimited users at just $50 per month plan, paid annually.

  • Employee Leave Tracker
  • Attendance
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Timesheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Overtime and profitability
  • OKR
  • 1 on 1 Meetings
  • Employee data analytics
  • Performance Review
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • eNPS Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Pulse Survey
  • Awards
  • Kudos
  • Anytime Feedback

You can also choose our $2 per user per month plan. With the $2 pricing, you get the following tools.

Why is Performance Management Software Important

Performance management software is important because it provides a systematic and efficient way to manage employee performance. It helps organizations to set clear goals and objectives for employees, track their progress, and provide feedback and coaching.

Performance Management software will help to improve employee performance, productivity, and engagement. Performance management software can also help organizations identify and address performance issues before they become a bigger problem.