Say goodbye to labor-intensive tasks and mistakes

  • Misplacing paper documents is a thing of the past
  • Painlessly process leave requests
  • Track each leave request with both notes and documents

Enhance your company's efficiency right away

  • Utilize a calendar to organize employee leaves
  • Free up time and concentrate on high-level assignments
  • Ensure adherence to Government accrual regulations

Flexible, Scalable, Enterprise-Grade

Unlock robust features designed for complex global leave management. Built to scale from 10 to 100,000+ employees.

Spectrum Brands Europe

Spectrum Brands - 700 employees in 7countries.
Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium.
They have 29 leave types, and 28 Leave policies.

LVMH Hong Kong

LVMH - 150 employees in 5 countries.
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea South, China, Singapore.
They have 20 leave types, and 48 Leave policies.

Free Balance Canada

Freebalance - 175 employees in 20 countries.
USA, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, UK.
They have 19 leave types, and 52 Leave policies.

Streamline Leave Management

Simplify complex leave tracking with our intuitive online system. Request, approve and monitor time off with just a few clicks.

A leave management system that integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows and is loved by HR, Managers, and Employees

Experience the ease of SnowHR, an intuitive employee leave management system for managing employee leaves that effectively minimizes the expenses and time invested in leave administration. Over 25,000 users across diverse organizations currently use it.

Online Leave Management Software for Employees

SnowHR's dedicated platform for employee leave management allows you to customize leave policies, approve processes, and gain valuable insights.


Streamline Your Leave Management today

Are you tired of the hassle of managing employee leave? With our sleek online leave management software, you can get up and running in just 3 days.

Say goodbye to understaffing, approval delays, and endless spreadsheets.

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Experience the convenience of SnowHR's Leave management software, your ultimate solution for effortlessly monitoring various leave types – be it annual leave, public holidays, sick leave, paid or unpaid leave, or even overtime hours.

Absence types can be customized according to your needs, tracked in days or hours, and designated as either paid or unpaid. It can be used to track work from home and remote work.

  • Differentiating between Paid and unpaid leaves

  • Each employee can have a different set of rules

  • Track work from home

  • Track Maternity, Paternity, and Jury Dudy


The burden of administration can be overwhelming for your workforce. Implement software that automates redundant tasks and streamlines supervision and internal correspondence. Empower team leaders to independently approve their team's time off, propelling your business toward success.

Grant your employees the ability to swiftly request and oversee their leaves of absence, enabling you to dedicate your attention to HR matters that demand your undivided focus.

Transform your HR department into a valuable, accomplished asset.

How to Request Leave Using the Leave Management System

This video tutorial demonstrates the process for employees to submit their leave requests through the Leave Management System.

How managers can
Approve Leave and
View Calendars

This video tutorial showcases how managers grant leave approvals and navigate through calendars within the Leave Management System.

Take the Hassle Out of Leave Management

Managing employee time off shouldn't be difficult. Take control of leave with automated tracking and seamless integrations.


Enhance productivity and reduce absences through comprehensive HR reports. Maintain a constant awareness of balances, deviations, and other essential statistics. As a result of this panoramic view of planned absences, it is possible to create a more precise workforce scheduling.

Craft reports that match your specific requirements. Identify patterns and anomalies in absence occurrences.

  • Obtain valuable insights into your workforce on demand. The intelligent reports provide immediate clarity on employee attendance, allowing HR professionals to make well-informed decisions. Generate a customized HR report for payroll effortlessly.

  • Incorporate people analytics to enhance decision-making in recruitment, advancement, and planning. Using this tool, you will be able to make optimal decisions.

  • Access an overview of yearly leave allowances and usage balances directly through SnowHR's Leave management system. Aim to identify patterns of absenteeism across the organization by monitoring sick leave trends.

  • Export leave data in various formats to seamlessly connect with payroll, accounting, HR, and team leaders. The integration of employee data into bookkeeping can be done quickly.


Our automated leave management solution makes tracking and calculating employee absences easy and automatically include them in your payroll reports. This saves you time and hassle and ensures that your payroll process is accurate and compliant. Reports on employee absences can be exported in a variety of formats, including CSV and Excel.

  • Minimize Administrative Tasks

  • Optimize Payroll Automation using Tailored Export Options

  • Maximize your leave management capabilities effortlessly.

The Leave Management Game Changer

It's time to transform the way you manage employee time off. Experience the next generation of leave technology.


With the Calendar view feature, managers gain an aerial perspective of all absences, scheduled leave, and public holidays. By planning ahead, they avoid understaffing caused by excessive vacation bookings. This efficient visualization keeps everyone informed and prepared for any eventuality. Sync with your Outlook and Google calendars.


Gain instant insight into your team's availability with a swift bird's-eye view, benefiting both managers and team members in effectively mapping out their workdays and weeks ahead. This vantage point also aids in circumventing interdependencies among employees, promoting smoother workflows. It simplified Workforce Planning during Peak Holidays (such as Christmas, summer breaks, etc.). Quickly identify absences and approve them based on timing.


SnowHR's leave management system allows you to set Holiday calendars for offices in different countries and the week starting day based on local regulations.

It simplified Workforce Planning during Peak Holidays (such as Christmas, summer breaks, etc.). Quickly identify absences and approve them based on timing.

Experience it during the 60-day free Trial

Tailor the leave management system to align precisely with your requirements.

Customize SnowHR's leave management system to suit your specific needs perfectly.

This remarkably adaptable and customizable leave management software is currently utilized by businesses of all sizes — small, medium, and large enterprises. Intricate leave management demands are efficiently addressed by it. Complex leave policies can be configured easily.


Unlock the power of versatile leave approvals with the ability to establish multiple tiers (up to five levels). Craft distinct approval processes for each leave category, fostering a tailored approach. Streamline routine requests by enabling auto-approval for specific leave types. Delegate leave approvals effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations even in your absence.


Beyond the confines of a conventional leave management system, our solution emerges as a holistic time and attendance platform. Streamlined clock-in and clock-out processes, automated payroll procedures, diminished compliance risks, amplified productivity, and decreased labor expenses converge seamlessly. Effortlessly monitor TOIL and Comp Offs with precision.

  • Comprehensive Cloud-Based Time & Attendance Solution

  • Efficient Clock-In and Clock-Out software

  • Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes


SnowHR offers a convenient mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, providing easy access to all the features mentioned earlier. Employees can now manage their leaves while on the move without worrying about finding an internet connection or carrying a laptop around. Our employee leave tracker mobile app puts leave management right at your fingertips, allowing for quicker approvals than ever before - even faster than snapping your fingers!

See How Leave Tracking Should Be

Clunky spreadsheets and messy email trails are things of the past. Discover modern leave management that just works.

What is a leave management system?

A leave management system is a comprehensive tool for HR designed to enable organizations to oversee their staff's online leave requests. A leave management system can help your organization manage employee leave, from requesting and approving leave requests to tracking holidays. The company can use a leave management tool to make sure each employee's leave requests are approved or denied consistently, in line with the company's leave policy.

A leave management system is designed to help global organizations streamline their leave processes and empower employees to take control of their time off. With SnowHR's leave management software, you can:

  • Add unique leave types and customize leave policies for each location. This ensures that your employees' leave requests are always compliant with local laws and regulations.

  • Empower employees to check their leave balances, apply for leave, and access their upcoming holiday list with a few clicks. This gives employees the flexibility to manage their time off on their own terms.

  • Receive real-time notifications about leave requests and approvals. This helps you stay on top of your leave management tasks and avoid any potential conflicts.

  • Generate reports and analytics to track leave usage and trends. This data can be used to improve your leave policies and make better decisions about your workforce.

By centralizing all leave-related data into a single digital hub, the system can conduct analytical assessments of the data, yielding insightful reports.

This feature enhances the accuracy of payroll calculations. The entire process of leave monitoring is secured within the system, guaranteeing compliance with labor regulations.

Moreover, most leave management software comes with a mobile application, facilitating the seamless management of applying for leave and approving leaves directly from smartphones or tablets.

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Infographic on 10 Benefits of an Employee Leave Management System